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The Haunted Tales of Casper High

The Haunted Tales of Casper High

14K Reads 773 Votes 14 Part Story
(o´  ω`o) By Calm_Melody Completed

It was a normal afternoon in Mr. Lancer's class at Casper High. However, a strange figure suddenly causes the whole school of Casper High into a major blackout. 

Danny and his friends, Sam and Tucker, and also his classmates, including Paulina, Dash, Kwan, and Star are trapped in the school. To strange disappearance of students, along with blocked doors of the school, something is up.

As the students investigate, they noticed it wasn't actually a normal blackout. The school was surrounded by a ghost shield.

And also...

they aren't the only ones here in the school.

Question is, who did it? Was it a ghost?

Join Danny and his friends as they come up with a solution to get out of Casper High as soon as possible! Who knows what will happen to them right?


Hehehe! Here's a fanfic to all you Phans! Take it as a reward! I hope I can get some positive comments or even ideas! 

[The photo I used isn't by me. Credits: musicalluna]


Acts like a tough guy all the time, then a little bitty explosion happens and he's cr*ping his pants. Seriously. 😑
At least I don't need makeup to keep up my skin miss nearly flawless. Yeah that's right! I said nearly flawless!
annabug823 annabug823 Apr 20
Lol good on the characters I pretty sure you watch it then still really good it's hard to do that
Wait a minute, isn't the whole town ghost infested? I mean, with Phantom and all, shouldn't they find this part of the norm?
The nice part is that she cares about Star too and thinks she's pretty without making it competition.
DannyPhantomPhandom DannyPhantomPhandom Dec 21, 2016
Perfectly in character Dash is being. Good job. It's pretty difficult to do it right.