Dying A Little Each Day-Book 1 (Watty Awards!)

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HHR4ever By HHR4ever Completed
This is the story of Harry and Hermione's love life instead of Hermione/Ron and Harry/Ginny.  This is all from Hermione's point of view.
um, you just said they were whispering hurriedly to each other...
Well she could be all blabery like other babies
                                    Either that or she is so smart that she could talk at one
ummmm...I don't think many children are going to be talking at one year old....
Not kidding when I say this but I love how you make the grangers like the dursleys its kinda cool and I can picture it easily
that's so cool!!!! i always fantasized about them being together too, this is great :D definitely adding it to my library (: i'm busy right now (well, i'm supposed to be, but i'm procrastinating-_-) but i'm going to read this when i get some down time [:
are you rewriting and tweaking the entire harry potter series :O??