I Need You | VKook [Completed] (boyxboy)

I Need You | VKook [Completed] (boyxboy)

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Tess L.🌈 By N_Monster Completed

V was famous. Everyone knew him. He wasn't a singer, actor, dancer, model or anything of the sort. He was a pshycologist. If there was anyone who could cure you, it was V. 
Even if he had a successful job, earned a fair amount of money and had a nice apartment, he was lonely. And he wasn't happy. He was happy with his job, yes, but he hadn't cracked a genuine smile in years.
One day, he received an odd patient. He wasn't like the others. V had managed to get every patient of his to talk to him and open up to him, and he even fixed their problems. However, his new patient was different. And he didn't like it, but yet somehow he also did. Who was this odd person that was different, and also made Taehyung feel different? How did he deal with that patient? 

Vietnamese translation: https://www.wattpad.com/story/81297345-v-trans-i-need-you-vkook 
Russian translation: https://ficbook.net/readfic/5202974 

❶ First book: I Need You trilogy. [completed] ✔︎
❷ Second book: I'll Be Good - INU sequel trilogy. [ongoing] ✔︎
❸ Third book: No Matter What - INU trilogy. [still in draft] ✗

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KookieV_27 KookieV_27 Apr 19, 2017
I feel like I'm reading Suicide Squad..and V is Harvey Quinn while Jungkook is Joker😂😂😂😂
I thought the spelling written was "Suckjin" instead of "Sukjin"😂
Omg i really dont like this thought this is really sad i feel sorry for kookie
Yoshin25 Yoshin25 May 21, 2017
Maybe i not an army but i do know bts coz i love kpop song...i know some of their song like coffee and some of their song that the lyrics is have nice meaning
sketchyshadows sketchyshadows Oct 18, 2017
Is it supposed to be Seokjin? Or is it a random character name?
I don't think you're plagiarizing, but have you read the taekook story "Healing The Broken?" It's very similar to the description of this story. Not accusing you of anything, they could've gotten the idea from you or it could just be a coincidence. I'm just asking:)