Sex Academy

Sex Academy

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sxandcandy By sxandcandy Updated May 24, 2015

picture is Kendra (aka main character)

Today i leave for boarding school, my parents are sick of having me causing trouble so they believe if i went to this boarding school, I would behave more. 

I packed some clothes aka all my short shorts and shirts that at least show my belly button ring, though i dress like a slut I've never had sex or really have been in a relationship. I packed all the accessories and shoes i can fit, since its a boarding school I'm expecting there to be uniforms.

The boarding school is in Florida and I live(or used to since im going to boarding school) in Nevada. To be honest, i believe my parents picked s boarding school in Florida because its basically across the country because there is a just as good boarding school here.

My aunt and cousin lives in Florida so they're gonna pick me up and bring me to the school. My cousin since shes 18 is going to bring me 5 packs of cigarettes.

sorry for a short intro ill try to make the next chapter longer.

It's Florida we can't have underground any things cuz or the water underground
RukiaKuchiki99 RukiaKuchiki99 Aug 16, 2015
I know that girl! She is famous in the Mexican industry. I think