The Valiant (An Avengers FanFic) {COMPLETED}

The Valiant (An Avengers FanFic) {COMPLETED}

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ʀoɴɪcɑ ʕᴖᴥᴖʔ By RonicathePanDog18 Completed


"There’s no backing out now. I’m only just a few steps away from my family. And I might be their only hope."

Ronica Lorenzo, a not-so-average teenager from the Philippines, finds herself as a part of the Avengers after getting attacked in her school by Sinthea "Sin" Schmidt, the new leader of HYDRA and the daughter of Johann Schmidt a.k.a. the Red Skull. In order to save the world from being ruled by Future-HYDRA (known as HYDRA and the Nazi-Science Division group back in the '40's), she must learn how to fight like her heroes.

But is she ready for the truth and the consequences she's about to encounter?

*DISCLAIMER* All Marvel characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. I only own Ronica Lorenzo and other minor characters.

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nelson_lucy nelson_lucy Nov 13
Oh I’m so done. All my i’s are being substituted in for those questions in anything I️ type in. Lmao just pretend the ! question mark is an i
Velociraptor_Squad_ Velociraptor_Squad_ May 18, 2016
hawkeye and captain America and holy i laughed so hard when you said i was mesmerized  by his face XD
httpcoups httpcoups Nov 12, 2016
i'm filipino :--) im so excited reading this story since i've been wnating to be a part of the team myself 😂
Badassgirl213 Badassgirl213 Oct 08, 2016
Nah, I'm more team Tony! Don't see how you like him that much but what ever ;)
Blu3St0Rm Blu3St0Rm Feb 12, 2016
What instantly got me was that she was from the Philippines, where I was born
WritersBlock039 WritersBlock039 May 24, 2013
Not much of the Spider Man girl, but I would totally go for the X-Men!