bewitching witch (sasunaru)

bewitching witch (sasunaru)

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kurokaito By kurokaito Updated Aug 03

one time, long, long ago, there lived a young witch in the lands. Ah yes, he came to love our young prince, so the story goes.

Book 1 of the bewitching series ^^
book 2: Bewitching twins

this is Yaoi, BOYXBOY! don't like, don't read! don't go hatin on me for my ship either!

have fun reading ^^

Kitsune_Miym Kitsune_Miym Nov 02, 2016
...Srsly? Whoever you are, you are too rude, I can kill you anytime? Right?
Kitsune_Miym Kitsune_Miym Nov 02, 2016
Yikes... who the hell trained u, Sasuke- I mean, whoever you are...?
Kitsune_Miym Kitsune_Miym Nov 02, 2016
WTF!!! -Flips phone- I THOUGHT YOUR AN UCHIHA?!?!?!?! IT'S OBVIOUS UR SASUKE!!!!!!!!!!!
Exi_Narcissistic Exi_Narcissistic May 27, 2015
I love the cover! The writing mg style is also unique, and seems like it is from a fairy tale~