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i n c o n s o l a b l e

i n c o n s o l a b l e

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{ ; L ; } By gracefulinsanity Completed

In which two individuals learn to cope with their inner demons.

Elise:// a naive, 18 year old girl who deals with her own fierceness to fix herself, by herself. 

Elliot:// a strong-minded 18 year old boy who finds himself lost in the struggle between his own beliefs and desires, and his father's. 

 Apart, they are two inconsolable souls; however, when together, they're everything but.

{: cover design by the lovely @kdkellow :}

Drowsy-Rain Drowsy-Rain Apr 29, 2016
Wow, this is so well written! You have a serious talent! I love it!
bettyandjughead bettyandjughead May 23, 2016
how to be skinny by @backseatmuke is sO gOoD
                              also dear Sydney by @katherinepowell is amAZING
ilikechopsuey ilikechopsuey May 10, 2016
So many! But currently Boston Latte by @fionakeane . I also love just about everything @exoticfinn has written
flwrxx flwrxx Apr 28, 2016
my current favourite is 'things i could never tell you' by @propertyofstilinski
LePizza LePizza Feb 13, 2016
alright so there are so many many good books in wattpad. but my absolute favourite is F.A.I.T.H. it's exquisitely  beautiful<3
doux_brume doux_brume Mar 26, 2016
This. This right here is my favorite song. Where is this coffee shop?!