You Found Me //Sequel to 'My CEO'

You Found Me //Sequel to 'My CEO'

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Sequel to 'My CEO' !!!

 "Lydia, is that you?" A knock on the door startles her. She pads toward it slowly, cautious of who it is. The knock came again.

"Lydia, please open up. I know you're in there, I just want to talk." His voice comes again. She takes slow steps towards the door. 

"What do you want?" She asks quietly but loud enough so he can hear.

"I just want to talk to you." He says. She slowly opens the door and watches him closely as he stands there.

"Lydia," He rushes in and before she knows it, his lips are on hers and she pushed up against the wall. He hands roam all over her body and she arches herself onto him.

"God, I missed you." He pulls away from the heated kiss and rests his forehead against hers. "I'm sorry. I didn't get here sooner. I'm so sorry." He kisses her repeatedly.

She stares back at him with glossy eyes, still in shock of him being here. A tear slips out of her eye and rolls down slowly.

"Hey, Hey, what's wrong? Don't cry. I'm here, I love you, don't cry." He wipes away the tears that have fallen and kisses her lips softly. 

"What's wrong?" He whispers against her lips. She half smiles, shaking her head at me.

"Nothing," She sighs "I just can't believe it." More tears slip out of her eyes, she overwhelmed with emotion and love for this man in front of her.

"Can't believe what?" He smiles at her.

"You,"She smiled. "You found me."

Sequel to 'My CEO'! Please read!!

Warning!! This story contains mature content. (sex, language, etc.) It contains graphic scenes that may not be suitable for readers under 13. Read at your own risk. You have been warned!!

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