Borderline (BWWM)

Borderline (BWWM)

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" I don't have time for your games Thurston." I sighed, exasperatedly

" Me? I'm just throwing hints. Your the one playing games." He began walking toward me

   Chants were coming from downstairs. 10...9...8

"I gotta go." I grabbed the doorknob and Thurston grabbed my wrist.

" No, you don't. Bring in the New Year with me." He pleaded
Black teenage girl Kymberlee Baker is recovering from a tramatic year. And now she's being thrusted into something else. Her mother is now engaged to a white man whom is borderline tycoon. They all move into his house along with his son; her new stepbrother. The guy is a bit arrogant,sarcastic,cute and not to mention oddly mysterious. But when emotions come into play and due dates are closer than they appear, what will everyone do under pressure?

Why would you?  You wanna make her unhappy so that you can be happy?
Girl it ain't that serious. If he ain't get up it'd obviously for a reason. Quit tryna come up with reasons not to like this man
I read the description and saw the name Thurston bruh I died I knew I had to read this book
This why they learned to not ask me to ever say grace at any family function. I said the god is good god is grace and the old folks still talk about me till this day for not adding a whole dictionary to it
dang  thats my name and i hate it when ppl try to spell it like that. I go by wanita or ja-nita in pronunciation but is spelled j-u-a-n-i-t-a
BrownMarie BrownMarie Mar 04
When Tf Did Someone Base Their Wattpad Character Off Of Me?  👀👀 That's Creepy Asf Yo