Hades .. King of the Under world(For Young Adult)

Hades .. King of the Under world(For Young Adult)

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Alizabeth Alisa S. By Alisa-S Updated Nov 12

“Why you don’t wear bride gown?” Hades asked, and looked at her.
“I don’t want to marry.” She resisted.
“Ok. That’s good.” He said and moved up to her. “We should go bed room now. Don’t waste time.”
“No. No!” She moved back from him.

Persephone was frightened. Hades was tall and big. When he was close, she felt herself smaller.
Her head was as tall as his shoulder. When they got closer, she was terrified.

“I give you one more chance.” Hades looked at her. “Will you marry me?”
“Ummm I….” Persephone was speechless.
“If not….” He moved up to her and held her to his arm. “Let’s go bedroom.”
“I do. I will marry you” Persephone replied. She was afraid that he would do something more.

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