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The Love That Disappeared (BTS fanfic)

The Love That Disappeared (BTS fanfic)

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yoongi's legs By acupoftae Completed

She knew he started to change when things began to go downhill. He secretly went clubbing with his friends, came home late, ditched their dates, and forgot about important events. She had bared with that for three years, yet she, being the fool she was, never believed a single thing her friends have tried to warn her about. She knew him too well. Or so she thought she did. 

❝ He would never cheat, he loves me. Only me...

...right? ❞

He changed from a loyal, caring boyfriend to a clubbing-addict; a player. He ditched the dates with her for another. There was no word such as 'loyalty' in his dictionary. He was careless. Too careless. He didn't think about her feelings. He wanted to end the relationship when he began to find her 'boring'. But to his surprise, it ended early. Way too early for him to expect. 

❝ I'm such a fool. How could I have been such an idiot..? I thought I didn't love you. I never expected you to end things right here, and now. Why am I the one hurt? Why am I the one crying? Shouldn't the tables be turned..? But then again, I've realized just how much of a heartless jerk I'd been. I'm sorry... ❞

(Ft. Kim Taehyung)

© acupoftae 2015
♚ first of the "The Love That Disappeared" series

You're going to miss me when i'm gone you're gonna miss me by my hair you're going to miss me everywere oh you're going to miss me when i'm gone
*applauds loudly* Good going girl, go get some Jibooty 👏👏👏
A lie a lie a lie eh ehhh (Please recover soon Solji and I'll stop 😂)
meli50577 meli50577 Apr 22
I'm the worst person ever. I'm probably the only one smiling 😂
paytonbabe paytonbabe Jun 16
*Jimin slowly appears at door way* *whispers*  caught in a LIEEEEE~