Alpha's Possessive Mate !

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Jay Figueroa By ProudMomme Updated 4 months ago
!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!! This Book Is Rated R. It Has Strong Sexual Content. 18 Yrs And Older Only Please.
Nice first chapter... Really draws u in.. I feel emotional connected to the characters already
ur dad cheated.... -.- whats so confusing about that? u just heard it... Im pretty sure ur smart and old enough to put the puzzle pieces together.... -.-
Sorry too late... forgetted happened.......... *is that even a word?!?* Who are u again?
The story is interesting. I'll follow and read it. 
                                    My first advice would be to make the paragraphs a bit smaller, it would be easyer to read and separate the dialogue. You have two people speaking in the same paragraph and that is confusing for the readers.
hey please update and get to the rated R stuff quickly lol!!!
I think u should start the next chapter with rose telling harmony what happened thus giving more insight into rose's feelings. I cnt wait to see the direction that this will take, there are so many possibilities