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Lovers ( Ciel X Reader ) lemon [under editing]

Lovers ( Ciel X Reader ) lemon [under editing]

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Herby Estrella By Otaku-Dreamer Updated Mar 26, 2016

The month of May it was a peaceful day for Ciel Phantomhive doing his full of sack papers, then..............
"CCCCCIIIIIIIEEEEEELLLLLL"someone shoutly said then she dash inside the office of ciel and shouting 'Help Me'

"W-wha- Sarah , don't you know how knock first before you go inside that's not a ladylike and stop shouting it hurt my ears"said ciel

"I'm so sorry for Lady Sarah, Lord Phantomhive"a sweet voice said then ciel turned his head to the person (like tsubaki in soul eater)

"Ahhhh sorry for rudeness I am (y/n) (l/n) the head maid of Haverdeen "said (y/n) with smile and ciel blushed ,turned his head away.

"And what is your problem Sarah to come early here in my manor"said ciel

"CCCIIIEEELLL please let me stay on your manor in one year because my manor was been designing"said Sarah the she do the best puppy face and she pouted.

"hai hai you may, Sebastian please ready the quest room for lady Sarah and lady (y/n)"said ciel , he blushed because he said (y/n)'...

redlikebl00d redlikebl00d Oct 25, 2016
Is Lizzie still here? Because if so poor Ciel he has to deal with 2... #prayforCiel
Deezy- Deezy- Mar 26, 2016
Pussy face...I'm reading this again and it makes no sense lol
esharman229 esharman229 Feb 28, 2016
spelling and also " ccciiieeelll  please let me stay on your manor in one year because my manor was been designing" i think u whre saying " ccciiieeelll let me stay here for a yer because my manor is been redigned"  i still love it though what is a pussy face
At least Lizzie isn't in the story- 
                              Lizzie: HELLO CIIIEEEEEELLLLLL 
                              Everyone: GODDAMMIT
anime_ari8 anime_ari8 Jan 22, 2016
TSUBAKI!!!!!!!! Tryna steal Black Star away from me! But that's ok I got Soul, BUT MAKA GET TOO CLOSE TO HIM!!!!!
XxFairyxXTail XxFairyxXTail Jan 06, 2016
WOW well Someone's been eating a lot of pussy I'm just gonna just -looks behind me - yeah - starts walking and leaves- Bye!