Shattered • Stiles Stilinski [Two]

Shattered • Stiles Stilinski [Two]

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❝I feel like I'm going to break into a million pieces.❞

They went a whole summer without any kind of supernatural problems, and Autumn was soaking in every single normal moment she could. Normal moments were much deserved after dealing with Werewolves, a Kanima, and Hunters their entire sophomore year. But of course, things in Beacon Hills will only stay "Normal" for so long. Autumn and her friends are about to be hit from all directions from the supernatural. They knew it would only be a matter of time, but they have no idea how bad this is truly going to be.


[Second book in the Autumn Martin series]

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EchoNekomori EchoNekomori 2 days ago
Everyone say "ew" because he made it known he haven't brushed his teeth even though they're just waking up but what about what she said to him in the first book like are you blind
lil-intro-vert lil-intro-vert May 25, 2017
"Ugh, not YOU!!! *pushes past Lydia to the car* my poor baby!"
CCjitters CCjitters Mar 05, 2017
I have friends but even I don't over them THAT much to pause Liam Hemsworth shirtless.....
AlexisPaszek AlexisPaszek Jun 19, 2016
The video killed me you have no idea how many times I stopped it just to breathe and gather myself I almost cried
infernal_stars infernal_stars Nov 20, 2016
The trailer has made me terrified of what's going to happen to Autumn and Stiles now 😭😭
Hoseokslaymylifeu Hoseokslaymylifeu Dec 23, 2016
Like that deer that busts through your windshield in about 1 minute?