Shawn Mendes dirty fanfiction

Shawn Mendes dirty fanfiction

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Saturday morning...
**Kathy's POV*

your alarm goes off at 7:00 in the morning. But your realize it's Saturday so you can go back to sleep cause your not going to school. 

3 and a half hours later...

*Yawn* "it feels like I fell back asleep 5 minutes ago, what the hell? Ughh just get your ass up, you have to get ready for your cousins Quinceañera at 5:00 later today" you say to yourself still half asleep. You get a call from your crush, Shawn Mendes. Kathy-"hello" 
Shawn-"hey! Are you busy today?'
Kathy-"I kind of am, why?"
Shawn-"oh, I wanted to see if you wanted to, uhm, hang out today?" 
Kathy-"crap! I can't I kind of have to go to my cousins quinceañera today. HEY! Why don't you come with me?"
Shawn-"What? "
Kathy-"yeah, you can meet my cousin and we can hang out while we're there! We can maybe dance to some Spanish music too!
Shawn-" kathy you know I don't even know how to dance to my OWN music!
Kathy-"I'll teach you! C'mon it'll be fun! I promise. "

    thanks for that clarification I really thought her whole family nd friends were in her house
    I would die if her parents came home early to surprise her XD
    @Slayer1738 That literally happened in my dreams last night. Haha
    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA CLARIFYING THE HOUSE IS EMPTY what if her mom stormed trough the door 0.o
    Bro I'm listening to his music rn and I'm thinking about this why did. I do this
    It would be weird if you had sėx and you mom was there ... it must be empty