Game of Dragons.

Game of Dragons.

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Dragon Mating Season is here.

All our beloved Dragon Slayers know that that time of the year is here,they're trying hard to ignore their mood swings and sexual desires.

It's not going to be that easy when Lisanna plans a vacation for them,they'll have to go to a Dragon Convention in a five star resort.

Here's the punchline...They're supposed to bring a selected female comrade with them...

They're  done fucked up now.

Yeah right, Natsu you never know what's coming! That's what you think!
I never read it cause by just the title I already know its not for me
Do you eat ice cream while watching 13 reasons why for the 100th time while sobbing too Laxus? ;-;
riiiiight, so to stop hearing other peoples dirty thoughts, you're filling your head with your own?
                              are you pretending that it's you and Kianna doing that stuff in the book?
                              are you reading her name and your name instead of the actual characters?
fool them once, shame on you, fool them twice, shame on them.
                              but no, no shame on them... maybe wendy though