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In The Supernatural

In The Supernatural

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Nicki By shadowhunterwizard Completed

Ever since my brain figured out the realities of life, I knew I was different. Not magical, exactly, just that I was a four year old girl who loved to play with wooden swords instead of Barbie's. At the age of 11, I loved to fight instead of experience with makeup and fashion like most girls. I hung out with guys throughout most of my childhood. I'd like to play Angels and Demons with my friends, a made-up game where one of us was the Angel, one of us was the Demon, and one of us was the little human who always could conquer whichever one was in the wrong. Sometimes it was the Angel, other times, the Demon. But the human would always win, every time. I was obsessed with the Supernatural, and I believed in it too.   There were several occasions where I would have experiences with ghosts, where everyone I knew thought I was being dramatic, or looking for attention. But I knew, with my own eyes and heart, that everything I saw was real.   That's why the experience I had with the Winchesters didn't surprise me all that much. At first, I was happy someone believed me... After a while, I learned I wished I was crazy.
I read every comment, and they're all appreciated. I do not own any part of Supernatural. Thank you all for reading and getting me to where I am :)

Sequel: Through the Supernatural

Opinionizer Opinionizer Apr 20, 2016
Dark brown hair, chocolate colored eyes.
                              I'm safe.
                              For now
ululation ululation Nov 12, 2016
I don't need salt cause I've got so much of it in my personality
sofabedtaken sofabedtaken Aug 12, 2016
I'm 11 and there's barely anyone I know who likes fashion and makeup...
BabytheMermaid BabytheMermaid Nov 30, 2016
When I was 13, I became obsessed with the Supernatural. I also believed every supernatural being was real. And then I grew up and lost my imagination 🙁
EvilApplez EvilApplez Jul 24, 2016
I just realized that it's Lawrence, just like their home town😯
VeahBates VeahBates May 20, 2016
I HATE when that happens. Just talking with your friend and everyone falls silent. Then you say so.eating and they will take it out of context.