The Twin Birds (Young Justice FanFic)

The Twin Birds (Young Justice FanFic)

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Kenalya Strange By Kenalya Updated Jun 29, 2016

What if Robin had a twin? The dynamic duo was really a trio? 

Kenalya "Ken" Grayson is the twin sister of Richard "Dick" Grayson. When she was nine she watched her parents fall alongside her brother. She has done everything with him. When Dick became Robin, she became Finch. This is a story of their lives.

I don't own young justice. I only own Finch and what plot I create.

Don't worry we care for what you have to say and don't stress about the not spelling things right. I'm just like that.
Lizzy-Walters Lizzy-Walters Aug 08, 2016
I love this, you are talking to me, and bye!!!
                              *goes to next chapter very excited*
Alexa482 Alexa482 Mar 17, 2016
I might good judgement on writing but I have read many so I know when some one got a talent for writing, the sad thing is that people tend to tear them down, so anyways on to a more happier note this quiet interesting, so please keep updating this book
Lizzy-Walters Lizzy-Walters Aug 08, 2016
Nope, I'm here, and I love this so far, bye!!!! 
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BlubBlubFishie BlubBlubFishie Dec 31, 2016
All we can ask is that you try. All that matters is that you are trying. Thank you.
Goddess_Of_Narwhals Goddess_Of_Narwhals Sep 24, 2016
I can't pronounce the name for the life of me but I'll be a try hard