The Four Royal Sisters

The Four Royal Sisters

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_fairytail_3 By _fairytail_3 Updated Jul 24, 2015

What if Lisanna never died?
What if Lisanna took Lucy to Fairy Tail?
What if there was a secret about them that not even the guild knew?
How are Levy and Wendy are apart of this?
What if they knew were the dragons went?
Who are they really?
Who is the cloaked figure asking for them?
And what if they knew who it was?

Lucy, Levy, Lisanna and Wendy are best friends. But they also have a sisterly bond. But one day when they were talking to Mira about there love life's, a cloaked figure walked in asking for them. What happens next?

A/N: Wendy, Juvia, and Gajeel have already joined. Also Wendy and Romeo are the same age.                                                                        Disclaimer: I do not own fairytail

Kagura1412 Kagura1412 Oct 19
Me : NATSU!!!!! 
                              Natsu : what Sakura ( my FairyTail name ) 
                              Me : eeh hehehe nothing ( Mira matchmaking personality on )
sissasue22 sissasue22 Jul 09
Whoa... She would be a sister to Mira, Elfman,  Gajeel, Romeo, and gf to Natsu. Ft is now OUAT
palmyra26 palmyra26 Oct 30
They arent many at all... the only ones we know of currently is Princess Hisui, Lucy, and Yukino
pingpong65 pingpong65 Nov 25
I love the name the end I should name my child that when I get one
I thought that in fairy tail there was only 2 Celestial wizards
Ender_Amos Ender_Amos Jun 15
Everytime I see "and so and so entered the guild hall" I always imagine them kicking down the door. Idk why..