I Spy

I Spy

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Fandom Trash By SnowxFlake14 Updated Nov 23, 2016

"Its locked" Els whispers, pointing to a keypad. "Do you have it, mer?" I nod and she moves out of the way. I put down a device and it unlocks the code. I pull the door open. We run in and bolt it. I turn around. About ten men stood there, wide eyed. I smirk and crack my knuckles.

"You ready for this?" Elsa asks, smirking. 

"I was born ready." I reply. 


Elsa Arens; you might think she's your typical high school nerd, but in reality, her life is so much more engrossing as the best spy at WDDA along with Merida, Anna, and Punz. Together, they are known as the 4 seasons.

Jack Frost; Your average, egoistic, high school popular guy. every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him. Between him, and his friends Kristoff, Eugene, and Hiccup, they are known as the big 4- The most popular group in school.

But what happends if things take a turn and the girl's secret sort of, maybe...slips?

  • anna
  • elsa
  • eugene
  • eugunzel
  • hiccup
  • jackfrost
  • jelsa
  • kristanna
  • mericcup
  • merida
  • rapunzel
  • spys
  • thefourseasons
SadaCujo SadaCujo Aug 29, 2017
Merida's eyes are already green, why does she need contacts?
Im_A_Rainbow_Unicorn Im_A_Rainbow_Unicorn Dec 17, 2017
I head some this morning. Well, more like A LOT thins morning.
Al-Jabry Al-Jabry Apr 05
When I read this it made me think of Cheetah Girls 2:
                              Cheetahs Cheetahs 
                              Friends for life 
                              Cheetahs Cheetahs  
                              Living the dream
ShipperOfThingsRare ShipperOfThingsRare Aug 21, 2017
U take away Merida's hair besides her attitude. Her is her untamable her is what make Merida.
Im_A_Rainbow_Unicorn Im_A_Rainbow_Unicorn Dec 17, 2017
No no no Hun. You got it all wrong, it's hell/prison/torture/child abuse and least known as,school.
Sugarshadow500 Sugarshadow500 Dec 25, 2016
What I wanna know is HOW THE HECK PUNZIE GOT ALL her hair in that WIG?!