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Cowboy's treasure

Cowboy's treasure

147K Reads 7.8K Votes 30 Part Story
baba5baba By baba5baba Completed

The last thing Donald expected to find in his  thieving supervisor's  house was a beautiful girl . The attraction was instant ....
Theresa opened the door to her feared nightmare .....

read4nada2 read4nada2 Mar 23, 2016
My mind is warming up to the plot...then suddenly (when I read the word "groin") my imaginative thoughts turned as cold as ice. one word or a small phrase can be too much when all of a sudden a bucket of ice cold bucket was dumped on me.
read4nada2 read4nada2 Mar 23, 2016
Continuing after the first sentence:
                              Unfortunately, for me, sometimes one word; or phrase can stop the thoughts within my imagination. 
                              Perhaps the saying, less is more," applies here?
                              Another term it may be known as is:
                              However, I will keep reading and see how it goes.
MyDarkEyez MyDarkEyez Jun 06, 2015
Wew!! waited long enough for this new book.. but at least it was worth it... can't wait for the other chapters to come..
                              PLEASE !!! UPDATE SOONER..
ethelfleda ethelfleda Jun 01, 2015
Poor Theresa! This is not going to end well!
                              Great chapter, cannot wait for the next chapter ❤️
Cipher90 Cipher90 Jun 01, 2015
too soon to really say if i like it or not...but your past stories have always been good so i have high expectations for this one. and i know you won't disappoint.
baba5baba baba5baba Jun 01, 2015
Couldn't resist but to publish the second part.  Let me know what  are your thoughts about it...this story is pulling me to write it..:)