Twilight Edward's POV

Twilight Edward's POV

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Brydie By Books_by_Brydie Updated Dec 09, 2016

I watch Isabella Swan as she slowly wanders into the mellow, biology classroom. I still can't read her mind, it is very strange for me, a piece of a puzzle which fails to be solved. Then she walks past the fan and her scent hits me like a title wave, unlike anything ever smelled before; it takes every inch of strength in me not to kill her right then and there, to lunge at her and suck the blood from her body- and from everyone else in the room. 

Cover credit to the amazing: @Peakybooo (Like actual if you're reading this like I love and appreciate you so much!)

Note- This is in editing and most likely will be for a few months, as soon as this editing is complete I will continue to write and release new content.

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