a look in lucy's mind

a look in lucy's mind

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Lee╥﹏╥ By scarletEaterDragneel Updated Jun 27, 2016

Lucy pov:
Me and natsu walk along the path to the guild. We just came back from a mission and decided to stop at a magic store to see if there was any healing  Potions. Wendy was out on a mission with charla and happy,  so she wouldn't be able to heal me. Natsu had gotten carried away on the mission and burned down the town. A tree fell and landed on my ankle, spraining it. I could still walk but man it was painful.

When we finally reached the store, I said "I'm  going over to the healing section. Please don't brake any thing else natsu..." I plead the last part and natsu shows his million dollar grin. I blush a bit and walk away. Why am I blushing! I shouldn't be thinking like that about him! 

I look up and down the shelves and found the potion. I walk over to the register and payed. I uncapped the bottle and took a wiff. It smelled like vanilla so I drank it. It did not taste like vanilla. I cough and throw out the empty bottle. 

Natsu pov:
There are alot of potions here.  I here ...

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ThatAnimeFangirl2 ThatAnimeFangirl2 Nov 14, 2017
if i was lucy and he told me this id kick natsu out, have sniper rifles every square inch around my place, and never talk to him again.
I wanna laugh so hard but I can't cause my sis and mom mught hear
ThatAnimeFangirl2 ThatAnimeFangirl2 Aug 22, 2017
If I was Lucy and i knew he could read my mind Id just picture a middle finger. Or think about memes. Or id just repeat words in my head 😂
I would probably thinking of a extremely loud version of history maker
Key words “I figured I’d take a chance now that I know how she feels” TAKE NOTES PEOPLE