a look in lucy's mind

a look in lucy's mind

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Lee╥﹏╥ By scarletEaterDragneel Updated Jun 27, 2016

Lucy pov:
Me and natsu walk along the path to the guild. We just came back from a mission and decided to stop at a magic store to see if there was any healing  Potions. Wendy was out on a mission with charla and happy,  so she wouldn't be able to heal me. Natsu had gotten carried away on the mission and burned down the town. A tree fell and landed on my ankle, spraining it. I could still walk but man it was painful.

When we finally reached the store, I said "I'm  going over to the healing section. Please don't brake any thing else natsu..." I plead the last part and natsu shows his million dollar grin. I blush a bit and walk away. Why am I blushing! I shouldn't be thinking like that about him! 

I look up and down the shelves and found the potion. I walk over to the register and payed. I uncapped the bottle and took a wiff. It smelled like vanilla so I drank it. It did not taste like vanilla. I cough and throw out the empty bottle. 

Natsu pov:
There are alot of potions here.  I here ...

pinky1cu pinky1cu a day ago
*tree falls on leg slowly falls* when your legs don't work like they used to before
I can tell that I'm going to scream every time he reads Lucy's thoughts
NL4ver NL4ver Feb 15
Ohhh god im sooooo embarrasssssssss with this......>\\\\\<................................
yesha_ann yesha_ann Dec 27, 2016
Naughty girl thinking about dirty thoughts about her partner
Bignalufan1 Bignalufan1 Jan 25
I get it strawberry for Natsus hair and Vanilla for Lucys hair. Unless theres absolutely no resemblance to it and I'm just using to much imagination
.......did you forget what they taught you in school about strangers and drugs?