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tatumvh1 By tatumvh1 Updated May 04, 2016

Maeve Neilson, age 17, is a very quiet and reserved person. She would rather stay home and do her homework than go out to the movies or party. She enjoys being alone and likes to remain unnoticed. 

Aaron Matthews, age 19, is the school's bad boy that always gets into trouble and can't get his hands off the ladies. He is an arrogant jerk with a dark past. He hates anyone that gives him a hard time and is very violent. Let's just say nobody gets in his way and if they do...they don't. 

But what happens when these two very different people cross paths? Will he let her in? Or will he push her away? Read to find out ;)

what_tf_are_those what_tf_are_those May 10, 2016
I got a mustang or whatever but idk how to drive but but mom got me a driver
harryssmirksss harryssmirksss Jun 03, 2016
I'll set my hand in fire that the bestfriend will force her and then bladadadidada
luvbeingme100 luvbeingme100 Feb 01, 2016
THE SECRET CIRCLE OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They canceled the show before the revealed wtf was going on -sad-
Divacastre Divacastre Feb 01, 2016
If she forces her I'm gonna hate her because im so sick of those best friends forcing them to go to parties when they don't want to. And then she was about to get rapped and the bad boy or popular boy helps her... Acts like a smart asś and then falls in love with her -__-
love_stories_rock love_stories_rock Jun 15, 2016
You all are talking about these cars, but um over here like I'll just buy a bike. I'll exercise, AND save the planet. Byt, it's my dream to have a motorcycle so I can rock a leather jacket...
                              Who's that laaaaady, SEXY lady
boricua_bae_to_music boricua_bae_to_music Feb 01, 2016
I have to brush my teeth first , then i wait for like 15 minutes then go eat and after brush my teeth again