Just a Robot (Tadashi x Reader)

Just a Robot (Tadashi x Reader)

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cremareo By greenblueandblack Updated Feb 20, 2016

If you didn't read the first duology (Two Hamada Brothers and Love, Hiro), I suggest you do or else you might not get some of the chapters.

You've never really liked robots, ever since you saw how they moved on their own like zombies. But it wasn't just a 'ew-it's-a-robot-go-away' feeling, it was fear. A long time ago, your best friend's head fell off, revealing she was just an experimental robot created by the elite robot constructors in your town. You hoped you would never see them again. Unfortunately, they lived in your city, and you found out they were planning to send another robot to you. Your parents found out, and decided your family was going to move. In your new home, you grew up and befriended two people. To your dismay, they were obsessed with robot building. 

You finally joined the bandwagon, building your own robots here and there. But the fear returned once you realized the elite bot building team was after you, with a new robot, TH - 117, aka Tadashi Hamada.

Note: Don't worry, you won't be kissing a robot.

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