Percy Jackson Meets The Avengers

Percy Jackson Meets The Avengers

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Giant_Flinx_Fangirl5 By Giant_Flinx_Fangirl5 Updated Sep 06, 2015

Ok, I know lots of peeps made books like this 1 but who cares?!

Percy just defeated Gaea, but it came with a price. All of his loved ones died. He gets a wish from each god and their blessing, and he's off to live a normal life in New York, or, at least he hoped he would.

Meanwhile, Director Fury just found out about Percy, believing he is a terrorist and sends the Avengers after him. What will he do with Percy?

Find out all this stuff in Percy Jackson Meets The Avengers.

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i-the-scripturient i-the-scripturient Jun 06, 2017
The funniest thing about this paragraph is that Percy basically said 
                              " I wish Calypso was dead."
EnriqueMeza917 EnriqueMeza917 Nov 24, 2017
Wait one minute piper died instantly from a spear to the shoulder
bl00dywarri0r bl00dywarri0r Apr 09, 2016
What happened to Zeus? I didn't know he could bow to anyone.
BlueAsTheSky_ BlueAsTheSky_ May 01, 2016
I don't think that you can die from a shoulder wound maybe blood loss of it though
ehowell3sis ehowell3sis Aug 11, 2016
He should of wished for his friends to be alive. Darn you seaweed brain. You need Annabeth!!!!!! 😩😩😩😩
ACakeInASmallWorld ACakeInASmallWorld Feb 24, 2016
This picture! It is wonderful! This red arrow and the red scripture! Perfect! 😂😂😂😂