The Epitome Of My Happiness || JIKOOK

The Epitome Of My Happiness || JIKOOK

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Jungkook is world-known for his talents. He can draw, sing and dance. His innocence has changed into arrogance as he grew in the music industry, creating an impermeable wall between him and others. 

Jimin is a regular barista. Always working extra hours so that he can pay off his rent and his mother's hospital bill. It has been a year since she has been lying on the bed with coma. 

Will their love be strong enough to withstand their hardships?

JiKook913 JiKook913 Oct 21
Me: *reads texts*
                              Me: *thinks about it*
                              Me: *solves it*
                              Me: Done!!
                              Me: *forgets everything*
Awww. That's so nice of him!
                              Most of them comments are like "suga daddy" and I'm here like "awww" 😂
Yyyes. Caramel macchiato! Baby baby keu de neun, caramel macchiato.
Oh my god... 
                              And coincidentally, I'm listening to Christmas Day. Haha.
Isn't that like unhygienic? Having the toilet like beside the kitchen, in the same room as the food?!