The Dark Tiara

The Dark Tiara

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_FantasyPrincess_ By _FantasyPrincess_ Updated Nov 28

Everyone sees this Dark Tiara on my head all the time, because of what my mother did
                                                                         ~Emily Mills

What happens when Regina goes out to a village looking for information on Snow White, but she finds a girl that reminds her of when she was young. That girl was Emily, Regina and Daniel's child that was suppose to be dead for all these years. As Emily runs from the village, with the help of her adoptive mother, Angelica, she finds herself hiding in the forest for awhile. Along the way she runs into a few people, finding new friends and finding the truth about her pass.

What will happen when Regina meets her daughter, that was suppose to be dead for all these years?

Will it be the happy reunion that they dreamed of?

((Rewriting some parts and working on updates))

Ok first rewrite done, please tell me what you think and if I need to change anything 😌