The Dark Tiara

The Dark Tiara

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Everyone sees this Dark Tiara on my head all the time, because of what my mother did
                                                                         ~Emily Mills

Emily was found in the forest by a kind King who had no children of his own, so he would raise Emily as his own child. But the Kings wife, Helena, did not care for children especially when they could take her throne from her or outshine her in her own kingdom. What will happen now that she is 17 and forced to meet with a Prince. As Helena takes a liking to him she plans a ball for the next night for Emily and Prince Thomas. The morning of the ball Emily goes out to one of the nearby town, while Emily is at the town Regina shows up looking for Snow. As Regina searches the town Snow, Emily goes back to the castle. When at the ball Emily runs into Regina, realizing who she is Regina sends her guards after Emily. When Emily runs away, she meets knew people as she learns the truth about her pass. When she finally meets her mother will it be everything that she was hoping for or will it turn out as a bigger mess of a family. 

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_FantasyPrincess_ _FantasyPrincess_ Nov 02, 2016
Ok first rewrite done, please tell me what you think and if I need to change anything 😌