Zayn, Jason, & Gangs

Zayn, Jason, & Gangs

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LOVEY DOVEY TEENS By TheWriteSide Updated Feb 26, 2017

Theo's always had a tough life, but her Brother Zayn Malik always did what ever in his power to make sure she never felt that way, even if it meant, Being in a Gang.
Though he's always been in one, Zayn's never killed anyone.. He may have gotten into a few fights but never as far as killing anyone. . . That all changed, when a surprised shooting occurs, killing the loved oned of
"Avery Mursur." 
Avery is a Dancer who is the exact opposite of her brothers, her two oldest being Gang members. and Her younger brother wishing he was. 
When Her brothers death occurs Avery she promises to do away with gangs and she also persues to keep her brothers away from their gangs as well, "The East Side Mafia"  but little does Avery know she's actually getting closer to gangs by being with Zayn Malik.

When One of Avery's Older brothers and Gang leader 'Dean' Starts to wonder about Her and Zayn's relationship,he soon realises that Zayn is the "Zayn" The gang leader of the "West Side Crooks" and also the cause of their brother 'Ryans' Death. 

But Dean's no snitch, He'll do what he needs to get back at zayn, even if that means harming "Theo" But zayn won't let that happen, he puts theo under the protection of "Jason Mccann" Knowing shes in good hands all he has to worry about is keeping his secret.. well, a secret.

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