EXO Short Stories (boyxboy only)

EXO Short Stories (boyxboy only)

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Sulay shorts. Other member shorts. Daddy kink. Hardcore smut. Cute. Romantic. Bully. Boyxboy. Sad. Jealousy. Read at your own risk.

Suho didn't notice the younger boy's action and placed his hand on Lay's thigh and gave it a little pat. His warm touch burned Lay's skin making him let out a little moan. Lay bit his lip and cursed at himself in his mind. He looked out the window praying Suho didn't hear his little moan. 

Suho looked at Lay again and studied his features. He chuckled to himself, "What? Does this make you horny?" Suho put his hand lower on Lay's thigh. The boy tensed and threw his head back on the headrest, his pants growing tight and uncomfortable. Suho smiled and licked his lips, "It does doesn't it, baby?"

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Creepypastalover5 Creepypastalover5 Nov 24, 2017
Click on gay emo lemon, first thing you see is 'daddy' written in bold
Tzuyusbitch Tzuyusbitch Jul 16, 2017
                              LAY IS A TOP
                              LAY IS A TOP
                              FITE ME
As the lord and savior Jesus Christ comes to save this non holly book from its sins it has made
My mind went to luhans song lu
                              "She wanna ride she wanna fly, so i say where? Come inside I'll change your mind better prepare." 
                              I need mental help
duumdum duumdum Jan 09
Even if sohu is top or lay it does't matter at least they're perfect together
PreciousJessM PreciousJessM Oct 26, 2017
@karXsoo this was cool and all and it did shift my thought about it. I think they could both top