Spn smut

Spn smut

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Lenna By whovian1992 Updated Jul 30, 2015

A/N its the part from the episode 'Girls, Girls, Girls' only the girl isn't a demon. 

"We still need to discuss my terms." I said pushing Dean against the wall roughly.

"Oh, like rules? Like, sexy rules?" He asked grinning. I laughed at his confidence. "You could say so." I smiled. I spun him around throwing him into a chair that was placed in the middle of my bedroom, against the bed. I elf thim there, while I walked over to my dresser, which was in the corner of my room. I reached in and pulled out a small set of ropes. I saw Deans eyes widen form the corner of my eye. I grinned walking over to him, throwing the ropes on the floor. I straddled him in the chair. I kissed him roughly. I moved my hands down to the bottom of his shirt, pulling it off over his head. He moved his arms forward to do the same to my dress but I stopped him. 

"Rule number one, no touching." I smiled deviously.

"Wait, then how-" Dena started obviously confused.

"That is for you at least." I clarified, hopp...

Whats with the dena. Like did dean have a sex change or something.?
Lmao every hot girl in Spn has like a 80% chance of being a demon
lilli456 lilli456 Dec 12, 2016
The girl wasn't a demon, she was controlled by demons so the person would sell their soul to have sex with her