Virtual Connection

Virtual Connection

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Sarah W By HSH_DeathStar Completed

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Are we friends? 

No, we're more like pen pals except we don't communicate through letters and we're not pals. 

I'm slightly offended but I really think we have a connection. 

Negative, we don't. 

It's a virtual connection. 


(This story was inspired by real people on Wattpad.)

snarkily snarkily Jun 07
Omg you're awesome. I said blurb one time and this jerk told me to stop making up words
- - Apr 10
I don't really understand what that means, but it sound so interesting!
This blurb makes me laugh because it's the exact opposite of all my wattpad interactions everyone is so willing to be internet friends I really like this story so far!!
Interesting blurb. It makes me wonder what it's all about. Especially the bit about it being inspired by people on Wattpad.
Just realised that you were the one who wrote 100 Voicemails O.o I love that; I've been reading it on my other account haha. Btw, love the beginning of the blurb <3
Dayanasaur Dayanasaur Feb 15
The blurb is very funny. That one is a pick-up line gone wrong. HAHAHA. Burn.