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Fairy Tail's Traitor! (StingLu fanfic)

Fairy Tail's Traitor! (StingLu fanfic)

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Writer Girl By TheRoleplayerWriter Completed

Lucy's past is not how the Anime nor the Manga shows her to be. She is NOT weak, she is so much more powerful then any Dragon Slayer alive. Her past is a sad one, but it made her who she is today, what would have happened if Natsu and her got off on the wrong foot, she never joined Fairy Tail, met Sting and joined...Sabertooth instead?

This story is just about that! She is different...she's half Human half Dragon. She was left alive for one reason: she can mask her true form. She slowly falls for Sting, but what would happen at the Magical Games? She meets Natsu and the gang, Natsu actually likes Lucy instead of his long time girlfriend Lisanna.

There's one problem...Lucy can't use her 12 keys. She never has, they nearly kill her every time she tries, she's scared to try again she uses her strength. Sting trains her or has tried to over the past few years. Finally as Natsu is fighting her, she doesn't mean to but...she opens all 12 Gates, and Sting realizes...she's dying because of it.

He lets his feelings control him, he saves her and as she's recovering, he's a mess. Rouge and Wendy realize...he loves her. Would she feel the same for him? Nobody knows there's a traitor in Fairy Tail's ranks...only Lucy knows the truth, as the truth is reveled...will anybody trust her again?

A_Devils_Angel A_Devils_Angel May 27, 2016
Once I was 7 years old my mama told me go make yourself  some friends or you'll be lonely
KaceySimpsonsVamp KaceySimpsonsVamp Dec 30, 2016
Rejected rejected ya you just got rejected R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D REJECTED  (zoey 101 anyone? No? ............ok😔😐)
A_Lovely_Butterfly A_Lovely_Butterfly Dec 30, 2015
Wait is yukino the lissana in this story?! Like from other fanfics I've read they always have lissana as the one in love with natsu hurts Lucy and makes Lucy leave(not saying that I think this will happen... Clearly) Then Lucy gets stronger and goes to sabertooth! (Sorry I had to say that)