The bad boys good girl

The bad boys good girl

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Sunflowers By XxNarnianQueenxX Completed

Hunter Hayes is your average school badass. Always picking a fight with someone and acting out. 

Despite having all the girls drool over him he still secretly wants that one girl who hates his guts. 

What happens when they're put together for a project ?

Do they get closer? Does she despise him even more?  Find out now.

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Poor Jeremy. Hunter selfish af. Picks on Celest but when someone comes to help her, he beats the shıt out of them!
No being mean to her is an excellent way of showing it what do you think..?😁
You're low-key asking to get picked on with your fashion choices
Ehh, I don't know how to feel about a bad boy playing Volleyball
Ok I ain't hating but I mean seriously volleyball it's not the manliest of sports basketball maybe football(or soccer if your American) again good choice but volleyball?
We have people from Italy, Spain, China, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Poland, and Mexico at my school but nobody from the U.K.