Fireflies  (FullMetal Alchemist fanfiction)

Fireflies (FullMetal Alchemist fanfiction)

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Anime_Nerd36 By Anime_Nerd36 Updated Oct 06, 2018

It's  the year 1923 and Amestris has just been saved by the evil plans of the Germans on the other side of the gate aside from the Alchemical world. Tragically though the middle eastern  has lost two of it's youngest and most known Alchemists. Edward and Alphonse Elric. They risked their lives  just for their country. Even though it seems as simple ends and most might be happy the two brothers made it safely to the other side of the gate, Colonel Mustang and his men are now plotting a new way to open up the gate -without creating a chaotic scene ,so as to bring Edward and Alphonse back.

When Colonel Mustangs gets information about an ishvalan girl about the same age as Edward had been , being very skilled in her abilities of alchemy he decides to bring her amongst him and his subordinates he gets her to agree to opening the gate. It's very odd at first but it takes a twist and turn as she is able to completely open the gate when the time comes. They go in to find the brothers and after some very hard convincing they come back to the other side with them. Along with this happening and the rejoice of having the brothers back, a homunculus escapes from the gate unnoticed and goes to cause trouble in Amestris. With possible mass killing , the Elric brothers, the Amestrian soldiers and the new help of the Ishvalan girl they go at it to stop the dreaded seven deadly sins and their maniachle plans. 

In the end is it possible that an Amestrian boy and an Ishvalan girl come together?

Warning: I do not own any of the FullMetal Alchemists series it goes to the rightful owner Hiromou Arawka. This contains spoilers from Conquer of Shamballa , FullMetal Alchemist, and FullMetal Alchemists Brotherhood.

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