INSECURE: Her Biggest Battle

INSECURE: Her Biggest Battle

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Insecure: not confident  or assured; uncertain and anxious 

Only certain girls are affected by this disease.

I can feel them staring at I that ugly? I can hear them whispering...are they talking about me? My mama always told me that it was just a figment of my imagination but I can't help but be insecure.

Karmella Young has always been insecure about a lot of things like her hair, her face, her body, and how she talks. It has been like this since high school , she has always been this shy and insecure little girl. Being shy makes everyone think they can run all over you and Karmella hasn't tried to stop anyone from running all over her. Someday Karmella will grow out of being shy and insecure , maybe she'll do it on her own , or maybe she'll have help. 

Being insecure has been one of her biggest battles.

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N I'm finna beat her ass. I got her name on my list. KAMRYN K got it.
Story of my life, except I still have my best friend that puts up with my ways ..
This is exactly why you can't tell certain people your business cause they'll tell it💯
I swear I hate bullies and fake people !! That heifer needs her ass beat for this !!
In this day and age, it's almost easy to become insecure. Pump up your self love.
Bet she's prettier than you though! And why bother her if she's just minding her business tf