The Bad Boy and The Bad Girl (Completed)

The Bad Boy and The Bad Girl (Completed)

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Dreams xo By _dreams_xox Completed

Jade Stone and Blaze Daniels used to be bestfriends from the age of 3 to 15. In Freshman year Blaze realised that he had the potential to become more popular and run the school with the 'bad boys' of lake view high.

So he left Jade, the nerd and his childhood best friend to join the Bad Boys resulting in Jade leaving the city with a broken heart. 

At the start of senior year, after transferring back to Lakeview High with her new friends. Jade is back as a senior, but she's changed. Now she's confident, gorgeous and fearless of Blaze. 

Will she forgive Blaze for what he did? Will they ever become anything more like she wanted almost three years ago? Follow Jade through her journey of pain, heartache, violence and love... 

'The slap left a sharp sting in my palm letting me know that I definitely hurt Blaze. By now tears were pouring down my face.

"I hate you Blaze." I turned around to leave when I felt him grab my arm pulling me against him. He leaned over speaking into my ear as he pressed his hard toned stomach against my back. He had a tight grip on my arm and one arm around my waist to stop me moving away.

"You've slapped me three times now Jade. You better watch out because next time I won't let you get away with it." I closed my eyes when I felt his breath on my neck. We both seemed to be enjoying the position and close proximity too much since neither of us tried to move.'

Completed - 26th January 2018

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MeeNo303 MeeNo303 Apr 04, 2017
Am. I reading a werewolf story ? 🙃 
                              They're the one who always run away without telling anyone 😆
MeeNo303 MeeNo303 Apr 04, 2017
Honey ... before you turn your phone off , call your cousin 🙂 
                              Maybe she's not home , maybe she moved ...
RemainSimple RemainSimple May 12, 2017
Oh my God ..I wish I could do that right now just pack and leave
YayItsJen YayItsJen 5 days ago
What’s Wrong with these people??? I’m failing to see the humor in this
yeahpeople yeahpeople Nov 16, 2017
Uhh I've got two predictions 
                              But I don't want to say because I don't want to rewin the story
MeeNo303 MeeNo303 Apr 04, 2017
I would actually walk away with my head held up high , i hate showing weakness to anyone .. and running away showed just that 🙁