Diary of a Suicidal ➾Lashton[book 2]

Diary of a Suicidal ➾Lashton[book 2]

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danny boi By CRazyMofo137 Completed

Ashton's secret diary that no one knew about until Luke found it


This contains the following 
⇏Suicidal thoughts 
⇏talk of self harm/ hate
⇏talks about Anorexia 
⇏maybe trigger warning to some 

[sequel to Suicidal ➼ Lashton]

{sorry in advance if I offended anyone in the making of this book, Ilysm}

OMH OMH OMH no I alreaddy know what he's gonna do Fuckckckck
kmsmcr kmsmcr May 13
okay but i read suicidal a while ago and kinda forgot about it and now im reading this and all the memories are coming back and omfg this is deep
nadenedepp nadenedepp May 13
Book one already killed me and here I am reading part two.😑😭
Holy shït I'm actually crying fück please tell me he's coming back😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔
irwinperson irwinperson Jul 17
Cause of Death:Tumbling down the cliff for a while and taking a left because of feels
Luke is me rn cuz my bff is dating my crush then she created on him and im like someone needs to write hearkbreak boy