The Gay Book of Gay Cielois Oneshots

The Gay Book of Gay Cielois Oneshots

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AnimeAMAZExx By AnimeAMAZExx Updated Sep 02, 2016

Cielois is a very gay Black Butler OTP. 

Instead of writing another long story, (I have several) how about a book full of Cielois stories a chapter long in each?

I'm telling you, each chapter will be very gay and absolutely dripping sweet yaoi.

Request anything you might want in particular! Just remember that I'm god awful at writing smuts. So, so awful.

paint_pentagrams paint_pentagrams Sep 18, 2016
                              I GET
                              THIS FEELING
                              AND EVERY TIME WE KISS
                              I SWEAR
                              I CAN FLYYYYY
BandedAid BandedAid Jun 29, 2016
Aw Bassy works night shifts as a hōe and day shifts as Grell's foot rest.
my_ReiNikonda_dont my_ReiNikonda_dont Jul 26, 2016
Omg I'm like a slightly taller Ciel. We kinda have the same weight tho.
Ciel_the_neko_master Ciel_the_neko_master May 10, 2016
BandedAid BandedAid Aug 04, 2016
I'm re-reading this and when he said "flying around like a flock of birds" I started singing the isle of flightless birds in my head.
-pastelhansol -pastelhansol May 27, 2016
I would like to thank @PumpkinSpice_Phan for sending me this when I asked for it