Targeting Mister Mafia.

Targeting Mister Mafia.

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Book One of the Mafia Series.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue Miss officer?" He smirked, his eyes twinkling mischeviously in the club lights as he observed me. If he knew who I was then that would makes things a whole lot easier.

"Nope but I got you Mister Mafia. You are under arrest, Valentino Rodolfo," I said, returning his cocky smile as I handcuffed his wrist to mine.

"No my love. You, Ines Romero, are under arrest," There was a sound of the safety lock going off and I felt a metallic object on the back of my head that I knew all too well. Oh boy, what had I gotten myself into?


Ines Romero is sent on a mission to gather intel on a certain Mafia Lord called Valentino Rodolfo who is rumoured to be involved in some shady underground business. 

Ines thought it would be easy but things take a 180-degree turn when she ends up being the one who is spied on.

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I feel so stupid...all this time I thought he said "call me chef" I'm so stupid 😂😂😂
BabyyKakess BabyyKakess Apr 07
Now out of all the books I have read I ain’t never read a professional rapist before 😭
This makes me wonder if to be a professional rapist you need to acquire some type of license? Is there a code of conduct or something?
Gonegirlwho Gonegirlwho Dec 27, 2017
Can’t resist a man with a handsome face but doesn’t mean you should be a mug
FayePeder FayePeder Apr 13
She ex, why would he be pissed. I know keep reading to find out.
planetwarfare planetwarfare Sep 21, 2017
No offence but out of all the girls you picked the one that looks like a cünt