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Another Greene // Shane Walsh

Another Greene // Shane Walsh

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Anne By HippieSoul_Writer Updated Jan 28

I started this story on my Quotev page but not a lot of people were reading it. SO, I decided to move it to my wattpad page. Maybe a lot of people aren't reading this because it's a Shane Walsh fanfic? I don't know, I just felt the need to make a Shane Walsh fanfic because 1. There's not a lot of them. 2. He was an amazing character. 3. Every Shane Walsh fanfic I read ends the same--he dies the same way as he did in the show and the girl starts dating either Daryl or Rick. I feel like fanfics is YOUR OPPORTUINITY to make things go your way, the way you wish they went in the show. In Fanfics you have the chance to do something different and be creative not let us read what we saw, also if you're going to kill him off then--kill him off entirely different and in an unexpected way. I literally expect the same Shane death as in the show in most fanfics and they just prove me right. I'm not trying to be mean, just my opinion. 4. Shane is my ALL TIME favorite The Walking Dead character (Glen...

They're great and all, but no one will ever beat Michonne. There are not words to describe my love for that women.
allDEMIlicious allDEMIlicious Oct 28, 2016
Who's second name is Greene again
                              I feel so bad 4 forgetting x
allDEMIlicious allDEMIlicious Oct 28, 2016
Oh lol just as soon as I forgot I remembered its Maggie and Beth
HackedByTheWriter HackedByTheWriter Dec 26, 2015
Okay. Yes. I agree with you all. Shane is actually not a bad person. In my opinion, Lori blamed a whole bunch of things on Shane, making him look like a bad person, when all of these things were really an exaggeration.
ShoobieDoo93 ShoobieDoo93 Oct 26, 2015
I think I'm gonna love this! It ruins a whole story for me when they fall in love the first chapter
AmorLuna AmorLuna Oct 19, 2015
YAY!!!! FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS ME!!!! Shane isn't a bad character. The only thing he did wrong was decide to go insane. I mean Lori put herself out here, and Shane is like any other common man, so he decided to "get" her.