Black Velvet (boyxboy)

Black Velvet (boyxboy)

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mythmouth By mythmouth Updated Sep 09, 2016

"Black velvet in that little boy's smile."

His friends call him Toby. 

He's grown taller, firm, as handsome as everyone had expected.  The man's dark eyes are open and honest when he speaks to the elders at church-- but wicked when night falls and he stumbles into his house, half boozed out of his mind. 

I don't know what had broken the Tobias from my childhood; the boy from behind the rose bushes that I'd held in such high regard.  I suppose he could have been that way from the start. 

No one seems to notice it, the anger that storms behind the slate eyes. No one wants to take hold of his roots and check his petals for bruising.


CummingWaffleJuice CummingWaffleJuice Oct 30, 2016
                              I gonna be sipping all over the place.
                              This is my holy water 🌚☕️
blueneighbourhod blueneighbourhod Sep 15, 2016
Noah fence but this is my 20th time reading this in the spam of a week, @ anyone who is considering reading this DROP EVERYTHING AND DO IT NOW
_incoherent__ _incoherent__ Nov 24, 2016
Currently hate myself, fifth time reading this book this month, hands down my favorite book.
Phoenix11611 Phoenix11611 Nov 30, 2016
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KandiceDolores KandiceDolores Oct 04, 2016
Oh my God! Oliver ...the moon was called a pet name of some sort... Its obsolete now but omg