Supernatural: Truth or Dare

Supernatural: Truth or Dare

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Randa Lynn By fungirl177 Updated Nov 26, 2016

Me: Hey guys, it's me Miranda! I'm here at Bobby's  house with Cas, Dean, Sam, Lucifer,  and of course Bobby.

Everyone but me: *waves*

Dean: Why did I agree to do this again, oh wait, I didn't.

Sam: Yes you did. We were all there and we all agreed.

Castiel: I still am not quite understanding who we are talking to.

Me: I'll explain later Cas. Anyway, I got this idea from my lovely friend J. You can go follow her at Anime_lover_13 and check out her TMNT: Truth or Dare! book and her Avengers Truth or Dare book. *notices Cas glaring at Lucifer and Lucifer smirking, clearly amused with the situation* Oh, and I forgot to mention. WE'RE ALL GOING TO GET ALONG!

Everyone: *gets startled by my sudden outburst*

Me: That's all I have for now, love ya! Bai!

Everyone but Cas and Dean: *wave*

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