Running from Darkness (An X-Men FanFiction)

Running from Darkness (An X-Men FanFiction)

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Mary Jane By MJ_Nuggets Updated Aug 06, 2016

This book is placed during the first X-Men movie, however you do not have to see the movie in order to read the book. 


After thousands of years of hiding, they are exposed. Mutants. Those who have been hiding among us, in the shadows. Afraid of how humans would react when we realized...we are not alone in this world. The one's who have been exposed are exploited by the media, by the government, even by the citizens. But there are more out there, still hiding in the dark. Your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, the woman in line behind one can be trusted. 


Sometimes you run to escape your problems. Other times you run for survival.

    For Nyx it was both.

 After eighteen years, her past still haunts her. The demons that give her nightmares are still possessing her. Eighteen years later, she's still on the run, but what Nyx doesn't know is her past isn't the only thing following her.

When Nyx is attacked by a creature by the name of Sabretooth, she is rescued and brought to the academy of "Xavier's school for gifted Youngsters." A school founded by Charles Xavier for the sole purpose of keeping young mutants out of the eyes of the public and teaching them how to use their abilities, but Xavier brought Nyx for a different reason other than teaching her about the curse that she's been hiding from. 

As a new enemy arises, Nyx is thrust into an unwanted war and, when she is forced to pick sides, will she fight or keep running?  


I do not own the plot, nor the original characters of X-Men (which includes Storm, Xavier, Rogue, Logan, etc.), all rights go to Marvel and/or Stan Lee. I simply created Nyx.

deadlillyrat deadlillyrat Jun 15, 2016
You keep switching between past and present. screamed, managing.
PantherQueen13 PantherQueen13 Jun 11, 2016
First, OHMYGODS!!! I have an x men draft and her name is Nyx too!!!
KarenHaskell KarenHaskell Oct 07, 2016
Omfg first paragraph and your already one of my favorite descriptive writer
ILoveLordOfTheRings ILoveLordOfTheRings Dec 27, 2015
I think this is supposed to be *woods. Otherwise, great  job! :)
-melancholy -melancholy Aug 07, 2015
She's kinda in New York. Not California. Im not trying to be a b!tch. Sorry.
dragonrider07 dragonrider07 May 24, 2015
hate to be a Grammer Nazi, but you only have to say "she pressed on" once. If you say it twice It sounds repetitive