Ibiki's Daughter Destiny Brought Use Together (Gaara Love Story)

Ibiki's Daughter Destiny Brought Use Together (Gaara Love Story)

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The Master By narutopika Updated Aug 05, 2015

Find out the pain if a young girls past before she meet this guy named Ibiki. She's part wolf and that is the reason the Akatsuki were after her, and her village, The Village Hidden in the Wind hated her. She can use very powerful mind jutsu.
 And her name is Mikasa! 

She has a very horrible past that she can't remember  all of our she can remember  bits at a time and she has the ability to remember her past from even when she was a baby. Shes is the Sages Granddaughter and has power beyond imagination. 

And she can see the future. She finds out the man she will end up falling in love with when she grows up what will she do when she finds out that he doesn't remember her.

BellaFlores519 BellaFlores519 Nov 20, 2017
When she said thanks komie I thought she said thanks homie. What is wrong with me?!
kuramaDaKyuubi kuramaDaKyuubi Jun 27, 2017
The spelling tho😂But no hate! I LOVEEEE THIS STORY SOO MUCH💕
ThisOtakuNeedsHelp ThisOtakuNeedsHelp Dec 09, 2017
When I first read 'brown ears' I thought it meant brown hair, but then I kept reading and found out she has wolf parts....
Darna-Prick Darna-Prick Dec 20, 2017
Pikachu pikachu pika pika chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!;;
YoongisVeinyHands YoongisVeinyHands Dec 02, 2017
Me:Poor Shino Poor Shino, no one deservs this
                              Big sis: you dislike bugs too...
                              Me: STFU, I'm trying to be nice!
                              Big sis: everytime you try to be nice, you make evryone cry!
                              Me: didn't I just tell you to STFU?!?!
Zk_the_unknown Zk_the_unknown Dec 10, 2017
So I'm going to assume that you don't like Sasuke or you just forget ??