The Flower

The Flower

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Jade By Ginger_Queen_ Completed

What happens when Harry gives Draco a flower in Potions? What if it happened to be dipped in Amortentia?

Obviously, this is Drarry. There is some very mature content.

Boy x Boy. Smut. Fluff. Plot twists.

Are you ready?

{The amazing cover is a creation of @loser-reaper 💕}

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snowyisacat snowyisacat Dec 22, 2017
I know this is a talking style thing or whatever but
                              The flower has a bow tie on and a tiny tophat
artesian_waffles artesian_waffles 2 days ago
My ears are the most sensitive place so I just gasped really loudly.
Like how he screams your name-
                              Draco & Harry: *glares at me, wands ready*
                              Me: *slowly backs away and starts flying off into the night sky*
onepeterpotter onepeterpotter Dec 25, 2017
Oh my gosh it’s Christmas Eve and I here I am having a Drarry marathon 😂
It’s pretty hot reading this but irl I’d cringe and be like “tf dude back up”
*says in a deep cave voice* "And this is the moment that the fangirls knew,
                              Their hearts exploded."