The Flower

The Flower

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Jade By Ginger_Queen_ Completed

What happens when Harry gives Draco a flower in Potions? What if it happened to be dipped in Amortentia?

Obviously, this is Drarry. There is some very mature content.

Boy x Boy. Smut. Fluff. Plot twists.

Are you ready?

Luci-Eva Luci-Eva Dec 30, 2016
I am on the Ravenclaw table watching this exchange with a knowing look. We are know it alls after all. That includes all the ship.
samiyahS- samiyahS- Dec 31, 2016
Food is the reason why me and my friend aren't aloud in her room with the door closed
*cough,cough* food porn *cough,cough* Sorry I just had a little tickle in my throat.
I went to a twenty one pilots concert last night. And because of this, I am crying again
Snape is EXACTLY like my English teacher in every way except he's blond (although they both dress sort of stiff and formal-ish) and they act exactly the same and it sucks.
IS THERE A LOVE POTION IN THERE? Love potions smell like things you love...???¿!