The Flower

The Flower

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Jade By Ginger_Queen_ Completed

What happens when Harry gives Draco a flower in Potions? What if it happened to be dipped in Amortentia?

Obviously, this is Drarry. There is some very mature content.

Boy x Boy. Smut. Fluff. Plot twists.

Are you ready?

{The amazing cover is a creation of @loser-reaper 💕}

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alenakoum alenakoum Apr 30
either harry has super hearing or draco growls like a mf lion
phanq1 phanq1 Apr 24
That's because everyone knows. Everyone knows that you both have an undying love for each other.
drarryslytherclaw drarryslytherclaw 6 days ago
Why is everyone saying 'how is no one noticing?' WHY SHOULD PEOPLE WATCH THEM IN THE GREAT HALL? They're eating their meal guys chill
My ears are the most sensitive place so I just gasped really loudly.
did anyone else just get all giddy/shivery??? like that was so smooth fück
okay so dumbledore (who is also a drarry shopper) is probably laughing his fūcking ass off like “minerva get a load of these gay wizards! we should have popsicles at every meal.”