The Game of Assassins

The Game of Assassins

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Arianna Hilary Knights By Ari_Sthgink Updated Jul 19, 2016

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Astrid Blaze, worldly known as the famous Exterminator, Blood Hunter, Death Bringer, or Night Walker. She goes by the name RED that matches her bloody scarlet hair and death lusted eyes. With a gruesome history and horrifying experiences. She is known to be the greatest killer that ever walked. With blades as swift and kills as silent as a blink of an eye. 

She is... RED BLAZE.

Raised in a violent  surroundings from birth till growth. She learned the reality of the world in such an early stage. With a monstrous father and mentor. A deadly killer and hunter as a mother. She is the product of two monsters. A living devil. Her life of killing as survival takes a sudden turn, all from a single ring of a phone call.

The Game of Assassins has began. A game of survival where every single assassin is thrown into war against each other and only one will get out alive. Better yet...

Only one will live through it.

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RuthieTejada RuthieTejada Dec 02, 2016
woah! she's worst than the devil alright! What a bloodthirsty killer!
Romefire15 Romefire15 Sep 19, 2016
She is the main character right, if she not I am so gonna 😬😬😬😬
ScarlettEnferfille ScarlettEnferfille Feb 05, 2016
For a second I thought her name was "so hot and bold" *maybe even longer than a second*
ljibee ljibee May 04, 2016
I want to curl up and die. I need humor. *continued reading*
shawny_boy shawny_boy Nov 19, 2016
i just read a child, murder daddy dearest, in bloody details. wattpad at its finest *muah*
cheonsa01 cheonsa01 May 05, 2016
Holy sh*t this is amazing! Where the hell have I been? *sadistic smile* this is what you call a book!