Moon's Crescent (Book One)

Moon's Crescent (Book One)

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Moon is the Alpha of the Red Forest Clan. He's been waiting for what seems like an eternity to find his mate, and he's getting frustrated. One day, while doing charity work to try to get rid of his rough reputation, a guy named Crescent catches his eye. . . 


Yaoi/BoyxBoy, M-Preg

keynesfariz keynesfariz Aug 09
15?! They mated since 15? That's a crazy Scheiße pack you have
I'm gonna pretend be meant 7 year because I don't want to think about 15 year Olds mating 😂
keynesfariz keynesfariz Aug 09
Can I give you a hug? I'll be your mate for the rest of my life then 😞
devilisheart devilisheart 4 days ago
im 26 and still virgin... never in a relationship....  😂😂😂 im much worst than u are....
keynesfariz keynesfariz Aug 09
You guys are... what? Kinda ruining my time to focus into deep reading so that I can have sympathy toward this guy...
                              But your comments just blew it off. I'm officially laughing and not caring to this guy I'm assuming it's Moon 😂
Wait a that...It is! It's one of my new favorite characters!