Moon's Crescent (Book One)

Moon's Crescent (Book One)

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Moon is the Alpha of the Red Forest Clan. He's been waiting for what seems like an eternity to find his mate, and he's getting frustrated. One day, while doing charity work to try to get rid of his rough reputation, a guy named Crescent catches his eye. . . 


Yaoi/BoyxBoy, M-Preg

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my youngest uncle is 11 years younger than me and my aunt is 2 years younger
What a pleasant twist. It’s always the omega we read first about who’s suffering in one way or another, but now it’s the other way around
I became an aunt a thirteen it's not that confusing just means yo grandparents were still crankin them out in their 30s
Sm0lBe4n Sm0lBe4n Mar 21
I read Miss Eclair for some reason
                              Mind working 100% today 👌
"I'm so done with everything" ME!!! ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! 😂😂😂