Moon's Crescent (Book One)

Moon's Crescent (Book One)

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Moon is the Alpha of the Red Forest Clan. He's been waiting for what seems like an eternity to find his mate, and he's getting frustrated. One day, while doing charity work to try to get rid of his rough reputation, a guy named Crescent catches his eye. . . 


Yaoi/BoyxBoy, M-Preg

Gumgum5432 Gumgum5432 6 days ago
Um so the comments saying that they've read this more than 4 time soooo... Im assuming it's good?
hjbradleyauthor hjbradleyauthor Dec 18, 2016
I've only read the first few parts so far but I'm very much enjoying this so far
MissBonnett MissBonnett 4 days ago
This is such a great start. I mean, we're seeing this guy start at his absolute lowest. It'll be such a fun character journey, if nothing else.
Demon_Child_13 Demon_Child_13 Nov 14, 2016
I gave up half way through the paragraph. Math is not my thing (even though I have a 95% in that class)
foxyapples foxyapples Dec 28, 2016
Like I would be grumpy too of someone rubbed it in my face like that
Daughter3Of3Hades Daughter3Of3Hades Nov 07, 2016
FIFTH TIME READING!!! I love this book soooo much!!! 💙💙