Fuck Me Again

Fuck Me Again

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Alex & Violet By THEARMYOFAs Updated May 28, 2015

'Please fuck me.' I whispered.

'Did you say something Violet.' He smirked knowing what I had just said. 

I looked down and took in a big breath catching the sweet smell of his cologne. I then looked back up at him staring right into his eyes and with that one look of lust, I whispered 'I want you to fuck me.'

Meet Violet your average 21 year old girl. After she finishes college, she moves in with her boyfriend. When she is settled in, her boyfriends parents come for a visit and find that they don't like Violet. So they decide to lie and spread rumours about Violet to their son. This puts him in a lot of stress, leading him to the breaking point and ends their relationship. With a broken heart Violet moves to France where she starts her life over again.

but when 2 years past and a family crises comes about, she ends back up in her home town. Facing that same guy who broke her heart 2 years ago.     


  • harsh
  • love
  • passion
  • rough
  • sexual
caitlin_lan2002 caitlin_lan2002 Jun 06, 2017
Quel est son nom, quel âge a-t-elle, tu ne vas pas me renier, non? Tu ne vas pas me laisser ici pour me défendre moi même? S'il te plaît ne me quitte pas! Dis-moi que tu vas jamais me laisser! Dis-moi que tu m'aimes!  Correction