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If I Lose Myself

If I Lose Myself

170K Reads 7.7K Votes 45 Part Story
Violet Rain By Violet_Rain95 Completed

Catalina, a once loving girl. Is now a broken girl struggling to trust those around her again. From being beaten and raped by her step-father. She takes a leap of faith and runs away to her father's. Once there she realizes not only did she run away from a monster, she ran right into the world of Bikers since her dad is a trusted member within the club. Catalina has to learn to put her trust in herself before she puts it in someone else. 

But what happens when she meets the son of the club president? He is intrigued by her and wants to help her gain back her trust and maybe even the hopes of winning her over her heart.

Will she be able to trust again? 

Let alone give her heart to someone? 

Or is it just too late to save her from herself?

Copyright © 2016 by Violet Rain


danesskie danesskie Oct 05, 2016
wow hate her step-dad need to beat him with a crowbar or something.
                              Catalina dad is gonna be absolutely peeved off. love this already
Sorry bastard. She should have told her mom but then again she may be right about her not believing it.
ChristyMiller649 ChristyMiller649 May 31, 2016
Well if he is any kind of father then he will kill the SOB that put his hands on her